Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Congressman is also a hypocrite

A little more research showed that Congressman Eric Cantor not only wants to balance the budget on the backs of hurricane victims but is also a hypocrite.

In 2004 when Tropical Storm Gaston devastated his district, Richmond Va.. he worked hard to obtain Federal money to repair the damage. When he was successful he bragged about it in a press release. Those funds of course weren't offset by other budget cuts.

He also voted for no child left behind and Medicare part D. Those programs weren't paid for either. In fact he supported president Bush who added four trillion dollars to the national debt and increased spending by 85 % while cutting taxes

Tea party Governors Christie (N.J.) and McDonnell(Va.) have strongly criticized the Congressman. These guys are all for smaller government and a balanced budget except when it costs their state and their constituents. Even House majority leader Jon Boehner said that when disasters happen government has an obligation "to respond appropriately".

I am sure that all of them would be happy to cut unemployment insurance or Medicaid or some other program that benefits the poor, to pay for disaster relief. Perhaps they could impose that tax that they have been promoting on America's 50 million poor. Those people already have 2 and 1/2 per cent of the nations income and its time to take some of that away from them.

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